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Think of Case Studies As Primary “Rocket Fuel”

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Talk about great subjects for human achievement case studies . . . space pioneers such as Gemini astronaut John Glenn, as well as Apollo astronaut Neil Armstrong, are among my all-time heroes. It’s hard to comprehend the courage it took to become the first American to orbit the Earth, let alone the first human to walk on the moon!

Anyone like me who grew up during the height of NASA’s Apollo space program misses being awe-struck watching the Apollo Saturn V rockets lifting off from Cape Canaveral to start yet another historic space mission.

What impressed me the most about the Saturn V, was the sheer power of its five first-stage F-1 booster engines designed for one purpose — to propel Armstrong, as well as his fellow astronauts during multiple missions, far enough beyond earth’s gravitational pull and with enough speed to make it all the way to the moon.

In his book, Launch: How To Quickly Propel Your Business Beyond The Competition, author Michael A. Stelzner talks about various types of fuel — or marketing content — that are critical to helping businesses reach new heights.

Primary fuel is key

I like how Stelzner discusses case studies, which he calls one of the six types of “primary” fuel for a business. His rationale for using case studies goes like this:

  • First, case studies satisfy the “other people” component of the elevation principle.  When you showcase successful businesses, highlighting what they do right, you offer encouragement to your reader base.
  • Second, case studies simply make for great content.  When your readers know how others are winning, they’ll discover new ideas or tips that could help them achieve success.
  • Third, you can form stronger ties with showcased businesses, which could lead to future partnerships.
  • Finally, case studies can be a lot of fun to create.

I agree 100% with everything Stelzner has to say about case studies . . . especially his last point about being “fun”, which they really are. Writing case studies gives me the opportunity to hear first-hand how one business basically solved a problem for another business and then share it with the world!

Case studies really can propel your business past your competitors . . . especially if they themselves aren’t using this powerful marketing content tool.

How have case studies helped your business in competitive situations?