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  • Doug Chovan

    Manufacturing & Technology B2B Copywriter​

    Material Handling & Supply Chain Industry Content Specialist

    Nurturing Higher Quality Leads, Shortening Sales Cycles & Cultivating Credibility

    Your Priority One? Remain Competitive

    To remain competitive in today's ever-changing business environment, your B2B company needs a consistently fresh flow of substantive lead generation and nurturing content.


    As an industrial manufacturing and technology B2B copywriter and content marketing strategist, I create compelling content that produces and nurtures higher quality leads, shortens sales cycles and cultivates credibility.


    Thoroughly understanding your company's mission, goals and target markets, I'll . . .

    • Identify compelling subject matter that clearly demonstrates how your company solves its customers’ problems.
    • Showcase why your customers like doing business with you.
    • Clearly convey your company’s unique knowledge and expertise.

    And along with leveraging the "voice" of your most satisfied customers – such as through powerful case studies – I'll ensure your company offers your target audiences an ongoing array of engaging and validating assets that both educate AND persuade.


    The end result? Your customers and prospects will view your company as a strategic partner rather than merely a vendor. And instead of just recommending your brand, your customer advocates will DEFEND it!


    Who I Partner With

    Open to opportunities in a wide range of B2B industries – including my specialty, material handling – I work directly for:



    Have you downsized your marketing communications staff? I can hit the ground running to ensure that your vital content keeps flowing.



    Are you overwhelmed with not enough time to complete all of your projects? I literally save my clients numerous hours of valuable time better spent on other priorities.



    Have you added new clients but are unable to hire more full-time staff? I can provide the immediate content expertise you need that will help you maintain strong client relationships.


    Being a quick study about new and/or complex product technologies, I also have a clear understanding of the content tactics and strategies that are your best investment and those that are not worth the effort or your expense. That’s why I focus primarily on:

    • customer success stories/case studies
    • white papers
    • blogging
    • eBooks/special reports
    • infographics
    • news release program management and trade media relations

    Plus, I save my clients 15 hours or more on average per project. That's valuable time better spent planning and strategizing content initiatives vs. all the extra hours it takes to produce content via time-consuming research, interviewing and copywriting.

    A Solid & Diverse B2B Background

    My B2B copywriting background includes both high-tech and industrial manufacturing, as well as extensive experience in trade media relations. All combined, that’s provided me first-hand knowledge about:

    • the importance of shortening critical sales cycles
    • influencing buying decisions and proper timing
    • engaging prospects and customers with the right educational resources
    • building brand recognition and mindshare

    With a B.A. degree in Journalism from Kent State University, I offer 30+ years in marketing and corporate communications, PR and trade media relations. Some of the more recent B2B companies and product brands who I've produced content for include:


    Material Handling & Industrial Manufacturing

    B2B Technology

    • ZMicro (rugged deployable computing and visual solutions)
    • Spero Therapeutics (multi-asset, clinical-stage biopharmaceuticals)
    • HP Enterprise (IT, technology & enterprise products, solutions and services)
    • Informatica (enterprise cloud data management)
    • VMware (cloud infrastructure & digital workspace technology)

    To determine if we would be a good fit, and to find out more about how we can partner together, you can contact me at 330.880.0383 (Ohio/EST) or via email: doug@chovanb2bcopy.com.

  • What Makes Me Different

    From Other B2B Copywriters?


    A seasoned B2B copywriter who can reliably and professionally represent your company in front of your customers and who has the integrity to always do the right thing.


    A seasoned B2B copywriter who is able to view your company in a broad context and who is able to see the big picture concerning your content marketing needs and strategies.


    A seasoned B2B copywriter who has a tenacious "never-give-up" outlook who can fully execute your priorities and see your projects through to completion.


    Any B2B copywriter can claim to write great copy. Hiring a professional who can deliver integrity, reliability, tenacity and consistency, too? Now that's a whole new level!

  • "B2B Content Command Central"

    Presenting My Home Office . . .

    The Center of all Client Content Creation

    • Copywriting & editing
    • Proofreading
    • Client calls & meetings
    • Customer interviews
    • Background research
    • And much more . . . all happen right here!
  • B2B Copywriting Services


    Portfolio Samples

    Reliable, Trusted & Proven B2B Content Solutions

    My B2B Copywriting Focus

    I focus primarily on the following time-tested approaches that marketers consistently rate in surveys as among their highest performing content strategies:

    • Customer Success Stories (case studies)
    • White Papers
    • eBooks & Special Reports
    • Blogs
    • Press Release Management
    • Trade Media Relations
    • B2B Content Consulting

    More about my Trade Media Relations services ...

    Your content assets are too valuable to keep to yourself in a file or even hidden several layers deep on your website.


    I'll work with the appropriate trade media editors to pitch your content to the right readers at the right time. Trade media editors are always searching for substantive product application stories and educational articles from subject matter experts ... why not yours?

    Customer Success Stories (case studies)

    Maximize the "unique voice" of your customers.

    Customer success stories (case studies) are a field-proven and powerful way to leverage the unique stories of satisfied customers and communicate the important benefits of your company’s products and/or services.


    But they need to be done right to succeed.


    Simply publishing a few short lines of copy under the headings Challenge - Solution - Results is not what I consider a case study. That's simply a formula with no substance or customer evidence/proof to back it up. That's where I come in.


    Every customer story interview is unique. And the key to each and every customer success story is the story. It's just not the written result, but in the way key information is gleaned through strategically-placed questions during the customer interview. I can help you uncover golden nuggets about your most satisfied customers that would otherwise remain hidden under the surface.


    Entrematic Fans - Commercial C-Class & Industrial I-Class

    (Resources - Case Studies page for HLVS fan applications)


    Kelley/Entrematic - Carroll I.S.D Aquatics Center

    (HVLS fans application)


    Preeminent Solutions - The Children's Place

    (email migration project)


    Dassault Systemes - AB SCIEX

    (3DEXPERIENCE Platform - product compliance application)


    White Papers

    Help prospective buyers understand an issue, solve a problem, or make a decision with useful, practical and educational content.

    When your organization has developed a solution to a complex problem, or has a product or service with a high price point, a compelling white paper is an excellent tool to use at various stages of the sales cycle.


    I'll help guide you on which one (or combination) of three key white paper approaches is best for your particular subject matter. ​


    Doing More With Less:

    Yard and Dock Management Systems From an ROI Perspective

    Client: 4SIGHT Logistics Solution


    Exploring The Concept of Virtualization, Its Use

    and the Path to Cloud Services

    - Virtualized ATM Networks -

    Client: Diebold


    Unlock the Power of Patient Satisfaction Surveys:

    A Special Report for Physician Group Management

    Client: Priority Metrics Group

    eBooks & Special Reports

    eBooks and Special Reports have a different style and tone than traditional white papers.

    Although eBooks and Special Reports can run as long as white papers (8-10 pages), or possibly even longer, they are a more casual read and usually have more effort put into their appearance and design. But in the end, eBooks and Special Reports should always address a specific problem or trend that your prospects and customers care about.


    Energize Your Buzz! Generate More Biz!

    10 Poweful Reasons Why Energized Case Studies

    Help B2B Marketers Attract Higher Quality Leads

    Blogs, eNewsletters & Articles

    Keep your website and eNewsletter fresh with new and compelling content.

    Blog posts are one of the best ways to ensure that your company's website consistently offers new and compelling content that will keep your target audience returning again and again.


    And, a consistently published and substantive eNewsletter means that you'll show up on a regular basis in your target audience's inboxes. Over time, you'll amass enough content that you can repurpose on a variety of channels as part of your social media program or convert into topics for more in-depth by-lined articles in your industry's trade media.




    4SIGHT Logistics Solution


    Disruptive Drones:

    Automated Mini-Aircraft Offer a World of Commercial Possibilities

    COMPASS – The 3DExperienceMagazine

    Client: Dassault Systemes

    Press Release Management

    Not all press releases are created equal.

    Are you introducing a new product or service? Have you made significant changes to your company website? Do you need to need to strategically generate more local business or improve coverage in your industry’s trade media publications?


    Crafting a natural-sounding, non-sales-oriented, yet attention-grabbing news release will not only pique the interest of targeted editors, but search engines as well through proper SEO techniques.



    New 4SIGHT Logistics Solution

    Yard Management System (YMS) ROI White Paper

    Client: ASSA ABLOY


    New C-Class Commercial HVLS Fan

    Client: Entrematic


    Trade Media Relations

    Get your story published!

    I offer decades of experience working with trade industry media, from banking and security to material handling and supply chain management.


    That means I know how to communicate effectively with editors to pitch story ideas and articles that will generate a high degree of visibility for your company and get your story told. I can help you identify compelling editorial ideas as well as write a wide range of articles, including customer success stories, interviews with key executives and new product introduction overviews.


    Impactable Dock Doors​:

    Helping Protect Warehouses and Increasing Worker Safety

    Construction Canada

    Client: TKO Dock Doors


    Not All Fans Are Created Equal:

    Moving a large volume of air at a slow speed

    is an HVLS fan's reason for being

    Aquatics International

    Client: Entrematic

    B2B Content Consulting

    Faced with ever-changing marketing challenges?

    Not sure about the correct path to take?

    How well you communicate with your target markets will determine your company's ability to maintain sustainable growth and remain successful.


    More importantly, selecting the right lead-gen/nurturing B2B content at the right time in the sales cycle is paramount. Deciding which direction to travel is critical.


    I can assist you in selecting the correct time-proven and field-tested content tools that will generate powerful results with minimal effort on your part, lower your cost in the process, all the while producing the maximum amount of impact. Marketing your company's products and services will always be a daily challenge.


    Communicating the right message at the right time is the key to handle the ever-changing needs of your target audiences.


    What about the content you’re not publishing?

    Think about it. Every piece of content I produce for you is content that you might never have found time to produce on your own ... that one piece of content could well translate into a multi-million dollar sale if done right and presented at the right time during the sales cycle.

  • Why Outsource Your B2B Copywriting?

    A Firefighting Analogy

    Why it might be to your advantage to outsource your B2B copywriting

    to a seasoned professional who has a fresh perspective.


    Too Many Fires Burning And Not Enough Water!

    Your local fire department gets a call to respond to what started out as a smoldering brush fire on an inner city lot. But by the time they arrive, the firemen quickly discover a raging inferno that is quickly spreading to surrounding structures and threatens to engulf multiple city blocks.What do they do?


    They certainly won't try to handle it on their own. ​They'll call in extra help from other fire departments who can respond quickly to help get the blaze under control and eventually extinguish it altogether.


    Similarly, calling in an independent B2B copywriting professional will provide the help you need to put out big fires—and even a few small ones along the way—especially if you’re short on internal staff or overwhelmed with work.

    And here's a secret you may never have thought of ... an independent B2B copywriting professional can also be your own personal "Smokey The Bear" by helping you prevent out-of-control "fires" in the first place!

    Priorities ... Priorities ... Priorities

    We all occasionally face this challenge: everything we need to accomplish has the same priority at the same time. Realistically, not everything on your plate can be done simultaneously. Priorities change daily, sometimes hourly and even by the minute.

    That's when an outside B2B copywriting resource can help you tackle the priorities that may not be as pressing as those you need to handle yourself.


    How Much Will It REALLY Cost?

    If you’re worried about spending money, consider how much it's costing your company not to have a compelling customer success story written for your sales team.

    Consider the impact of not producing that engaging white paper that will educate your prospects and set you apart from your competition. Or what about your opt-in eNewsletter that your customers have begun to look forward to each month? You know, the one that you've unfortunately missed publishing the last two months. Oops! (Not to mention all of the hard work you put in to build your opt-in list.)

    Those are called "missed opportunities" due to your lack of time and resources. And they DO cost your company money!

    A Truly Fresh Perspective

    Have you ever heard the old saying, "He just can’t see the forest through the trees"?

    From personal experience, I know how isolated you can become within your own company's walls and not realize how you're company is being viewed from the outside by your peers, your customers, your prospects or even your competition. ​An independent B2B copywriter can help you "see the forest through the trees", especially in a business climate when companies aren’t paying as much attention to their online reputations as they should.

    Producing substantive, engaging and thought-provoking content can definitely help with your online reputation. Having an experienced B2B copywriter look at your company from the "outside-in" will give you the fresh perspective you need.

    A Highly Reliable Resource

    Speaking from my management experience, internal staff members deal with any number of interruptions each day. It's no secret that office politics—from the ever-present gossip or energy stealer, to a disgruntled, cynical staff member who's making everyone's life a nightmare—are a negative impact on your department's workflow and productivity.

    An independent B2B copywriter is totally removed from that unproductive atmosphere and can dedicate 100% of his efforts on providing solutions to your problems without unnecessary interruptions or distractions in your department setting.

    A Trusted Asset

    An outside B2B copywriting resource can become an invaluable member of your marketing team. An investment? Yes. But in a short amount of time, your trusted B2B copywriting professional will become just as important an asset as a long-time employee in your own company.

  • Customer Success Story Marketing

    A Powerful Way To Educate, Inspire and Persuade Your
    Community With The Unique “Voice” Of Your Customers

    About Customer Stories

    Proven fact: stories sell

    "For those of us whose business depends on being able to persuade others—which includes all of us in business—the key to survival is being able to cut through the clutter and make the sale.


    "The good news is that the secret to selling is what it has always been, a good story.  It’s that simple ... stories sell."


    From: The Elements of Persuasion: Use Storytelling to Pitch Better, Sell Faster & Win More Business by Richard Maxwell & Robert Dickman

    Success Story Benefits

    The "why?" behind customer stories

    • Increase and strengthen the credibility of your sales and marketing messages.
    • Leverage customer satisfaction and engage prospects.
    • Provide a close-up look at how your products and services work in the real world.
    • Gain valuable media coverage in trade publications that cover your industry.

    Need More Buyers and Tryers?

    Think of customer stories as rocket fuel for your products and services

    In today’s cost-conscious economy, in-depth, feature story-style customer success stories remain one of the most cost-effective content tools you can use to generate leads.


    They’re also a vital part of your overall content marketing strategy that provides the fuel to reach and influence your target audiences.


    Why?   Because customer success stories:

    • Are highly CREDIBLE in the eyes of your prospects — quotes used in customer success stories serve as the unique “voice” of your customers that no one else can duplicate.
    • EDUCATE about how products and services actually work in real-world environments.
    • VALIDATE by actually demonstrating key results for your key audiences.*
    *Points excerpted from Stories That Sell: Turn Satisfied Customers Into Your Most Powerful Sales and Marketing Asset, AIM Publishers, 2009

    Tremendous Versatility

    Stand out from your competitors with a high-value sales tool that you can repurpose over and over

    There are numerous ways you can use customer success stories. They can be used for just about any marketing, sales, corporate, public relations communication or campaign.


    For example, implementing customer success stories as part of an integrated testimonial advertising campaign for a product or service instills a much higher degree of credibility than running an ad based solely on features and benefits.


    Customer success stories also ensure that your unique message will always stand out from your competitors.


    In addition, by using customer success stories in multiple ways, they can pay for themselves, often many times over the initial cost.

    The Proven "10"

    How to use customer success stories to engage, persuade and educate

    1. As a news release. A customer success story can quickly be abridged and reformatted into a news release. The news release can include a note to editors that a more detailed, expanded customer success story version is available. Trade publication editors are always looking for case studies to feature the successful application of a particular product or service.
    2. Mail or e-mail it to prospects and customers. This is a terrific way to keep in touch, raise awareness about a new product or service, and even convert prospects into customers.
    3. Give it to sales for a prospect leave-behind. Salespeople love customer success stories. They are always looking for ways to get noticed. Salespeople can use customer success stories in presentations, to illustrate key points and as credible testimonials. Place customer success stories on a searchable CD organized by product or industry. This tool makes a great leave-behind during sales calls!
    4. Post it on your website. Want to improve traffic to your website? Adding new, valuable content is a proven strategy. A customer success story is the perfect answer.
    5. A story in your eNewsletter. Customer success stories based on real-world applications get the highest readership in company eNewsletters and printed newsletters.
    6. Great speaking topic. When an executive needs to give a talk at a meeting or conference, a customer success story makes an excellent topic for a presentation. The content can easily be converted into PowerPoint slides. The printed customer success story itself can also be used as a hand-out.
    7. In lead-generation programs. A customer success story makes a terrific “free giveaway” in an ad, email, direct mail or on a website. In direct marketing, this strategy is called an Information Premium . . . and it works!
    8. For testimonials. Testimonials help make benefits believable. The quotes gleaned from happy customers for the customer success story can also be used – with proper permission – in ads, brochures, websites and more!
    9. As a tradeshow handout. Customer success stories are a great way to break through the clutter of flyers and bro-chures that permeate tradeshows. Customer success stories can even be integrated into the graphics of a tradeshow booth design showing the customer and testimonial comments as large graphics!
    10. Integrate them into on-hold messages. While valued customers and prospects are on hold when contacting your business, why not share a sampling from a couple of your customer success stories and provide info on where they can get “the rest of the story.”
  • What Clients Are Saying

    Great Relationships + Quality Work + On-Time Deliverables =

    High Value & No Stress!

    Robin Maylone
    Web Content Director

    Bop Design B2B Marketing Agency

    "Doug is an excellent writer with a strong understanding of how to write for B2B markets. As the content director at a busy marketing agency, I not only need writers with outstanding writing skills, but who are professional, easy to work with and great at interviewing and communicating with clients. Doug fits the bill on all levels."

    Guy Dineen

    GDD Interactive

    "I really appreciate how meticulous and proactive Doug is to work with. He provides not only great writing and editing, but also a journalistic/reporting skill set approach to projects, which is really great for what we want to achieve as storytellers. Also, being able to rely on Doug for extra brainpower and manpower, persistence with tracking down contacts, follow through on phone interviews and copy approvals, and generally putting things into action, is a huge advantage."

    Michael Brittingham

    Market Development Consultant


    "Doug is an exceptionally talented writer and has a natural curiosity and thirst to learn new things that combined with his interviewing skills, research capabilities and technical writing expertise, make him a tremendously valuable addition to any marketing communication team."

    Miriam Rack
    CEO & Founder

    MRM Reference Consulting

    "Doug has been one of our principal writers for several years now. He consistently produces high-quality deliverables. His professional work as a writer is impeccable. Doug also has a great, engaging personality that shines through as well during customer interviews. He's very easy and fun to work with, and we also appreciate his professional demeanor and being able to stick to tight timelines."

    Lisa Marshall
    Division Director, Business Development & Marketing

    Priority Metrics Group

    "Doug and I have been working together now for several years. I am always impressed by his professionalism and the quality of work that he consistently turns out. We have now completed many projects and I look forward to a continued relationship."

    Michelle Etherton
    Communications Manager / Senior Writer at The Partner Marketing Group

    "I had no concerns hiring Doug to write a case study which ended up being a little different than a typical case study, but he adjusted to the changes like a true professional and delivered a case study the client loved. He worked directly with client, researched the materials, wrote a great case study and delivered on time with very little direction. Have already hired him for another case study!


    "Doug is the best case study writer I’ve worked with in a very long time (if not ever!). His interviewing skills, research capabilities and knowledge of how to make a technical document organized and readable is such a welcome addition to our writing team. I highly recommend him!"

    David Harrell
    Marketing Director, TMD

    "Excellent job on multiple press releases about our new website and corporate video, a new East Coast manufacturers' representative relationship and our new business management team. Doug was very responsive and provided all materials ahead of deadline. He was very professional in conducting interviews. Definitely recommend him to everyone!"

    Raphael Keene
    Owner, Marketingdux / Executive Team Partner, Ascendia

    "We engaged Doug on two business copywriting projects. There's no doubt he has a talent for knowing how to position a complex service offering to a business audience. He has a great writing style for business to business marketing; fluid and sophisticated, yet easy to follow. I found him to be very professional, thorough and able to grasp/make sense of complex concepts so they could be communicated in a clear and compelling way.  Doug did an absolutely brilliant job on our Ascendia corporate profile. He is a true professional B2B copywriter who puts a lot of thought and effort into his writing and delivers genuine quality."

  • Select Clients & Business Affiliations

    A Diverse Mix of B2B Manufacturers & Service Providers

    Manufacturer of storage, organization and transport products used in a variety of

    industries ranging from industrial applications to healthcare environments.

    Akron, Ohio

    Talent management systems software / SAP SucessFactors

    Business Education Software Sales Partner.

    Centurion, South Africa

    B2B web design agency & marketing firm

    San Diego, California

    Manufacturer of reusable packaging and bulk material handling systems.

    Milford, Ohio

    Developer of 4SIGHT Logistics Solution yard management system (YMS) and

    dock management system (DMS) supply chain logistics software. Parent company for the well-known Kelley and Serco brands of warehouse and distribution center loading dock equipment and affiliated products.

    Carrollton, Texas

    Full service digital marketing agency.

    Dallas, Texas

    Client reference consulting and customer story development

    for Hewlett Packard Enteprise (HP), Informatica and VMware.

    San Francisco, California

    Industry market research consulting firm specializing in the material handling sector.

    Roebuck, South Carolina

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