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Increase Sales With A Momentum-Building Tool Kit

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Momentum is everything when it comes to effective selling, especially during the sales cycle’s critical decision-making process.

That’s where providing substantive content comes in by way of a well-stocked tool kit.  You could look at such a tool kit as your sales team’s secret weapon.

If you want to hear a true expert’s opinion, check out SNAP Selling by Jill Konrath.  A veteran sales guru, Konrath devotes a whole chapter to maintaining momentum as a vital sales priority in the third section of her book. 

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Konrath emphasizes that one way for salespeople to build momentum is for them to assemble a “momentum-building tool kit.” And that tool kit needs to contain solid educational content that provides substance, not slickness.

Solid educational content in a salesperson’s tool kit is what will help guide their buyers through the decision-making process and over any possible hurdles. According to Konrath:

“The less thinking, organizing, researching, deliberating, sorting, evaluating, and assessing your prospects need to do on their own, the better it is for you and for them. Plus, these information rich sales tools encapsulate all four SNAP Rules. They simplify your prospects’ decision making at the same time that they increase your personal value, align with your prospects’ business objectives, and keep the decision a priority.”

So what are some of the momentum-building tools that you can make sure your sales team incorporates into their tool kits? SNAP Selling recommends . . .

  • Articles on relevant industry trends.
  • White papers on challenges facing organizations today, future forecasts, or emerging business models.
  • Interviews with industry experts and thought leaders.
  • Case studies featuring clients’ "before & after" experiences.
  • White papers on the business case for change.
  • Testimonials of customers detailing the value they’ve received.
  • Papers or studies by industry experts and analysts regarding the importance of change in today’s business climate.

These are just a few of the recommendations that you can find in SNAP Selling.

Remember, substantive content will overrule slickness anytime, any day when it comes to keeping your sales team’s momentum moving forward.