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Strategically Drive Customers Into Your Sales Funnel

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Does your company have an effective white paper program as part of its content marketing mix? If not, it should.

Consider how white papers can strategically drive customers into your sales funnel. White papers can:

  • Help prospects or existing customers justify purchase decisions with a soft-sell approach.
  • Help communicate your thought leadership to varying audiences including engineers, business executives and other key decision-makers.
  • Build leads, sales and ultimately business growth.

In an age of blogging, tweeting and other forms of much-hyped social media (i.e. Web 2.0), how relevant is the traditional white paper among today’s savvy B2B prospects? It may surprise you, but one of the most effective sales tools to generate leads is still the traditional white paper.

White papers are a versatile lead-generating sales tool that has truly stood the test of time. And white papers remain as popular as ever. In fact, studies by TechTarget consistently state that buyers consider white papers as their first choice over any other form of marketing communications.

Quality And Content Are #1

According to white paper expert, Michael Stelzner, “Social media, blogs, and user-generated content are of great value, but they have one major shortcoming . . . they require constant innovation and fresh content to transform lookers to prospects.” Stelzner emphasizes that “alternatively, the single well-crafted white paper can deliver a steady stream of quality leads for literally years.”

There are numerous ways to go about crafting a high-impact white paper. Not all approaches are exactly the best approach, nor are most of them even close.

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