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7 Reasons Why White Papers Act As Nuclear Fuel

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It seems like the topics of “nuclear energy” or “nuclear weapons” are always in the forefront of national and global news.

Open up any newspaper or log on to any Internet news site, and you’ll  rarely miss seeing at least one article on the latest developments and concerns about mankind’s ever-present “nuclear age.”

Have you ever considered what’s fueling your company’s marketing efforts?  Is it a weak, often watered-down form of gasoline that barely starts your marketing engines, let alone keeps them running at full power.  Or are you using a form of content marketing that has been compared to the awesome power of nuclear energy?

In his book, Launch: How To Propel Your Business Beyond The Competition, author Michael Stelzner places a laserbeam-like focus on white papers as being akin to nuclear fuel for businesses.  Briefly, here are seven reasons according to Stelznerwhy white papers are still one of the most relied upon and powerful tactics in a comprehensive content marketing strategy:

  1. Today’s white papers (unlike their boring predecessors) can be highly engaging business documents that people enjoy reading and actually take the time to read on a leisurely basis.
  2. White papers are like articles on steroids ... done right, they are highly useful longer educational documents that help you position your company as a problem solver at various stages of the buying cycle.
  3. White papers help your company build affinity with your audiences by focusing on ... you guessed it ... their problems.
  4. White papers will help your company generate higher-quality leads or grow subscriber lists.
  5. White papers can have a tremendously long marketing tail ... once created, they can deliver value for years (which also makes them a great investment!).
  6. White papers position your company as being on top of current trends in your industry.
  7. White papers validate your audience’s concerns and demonstrate that your company can help them in a substantive way.

Even though white papers have been around for some time now, they’re as relevant as ever as a relationship-building tool that helps to educate your audiences and nurture them through an entire buying cycle.