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UPS Logistics Features Robust (And Easy To Find) White Paper Content

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I use Google Alerts to stay current on a variety of companies and topics of interest. It’s a much faster and smarter way of getting information to come to your doorstep rather than frantically searching on your own.

Obviously, “white papers” is one of the topics I scan regularly. Several recent alerts have pointed to UPS Supply Chain Solutions. UPS offers a robust section of white papers and case studies for customers and prospects to read.

UPS not only has a huge selection of white papers and case studies, it’s obvious the company’s quite proud of its content. A link to the UPS resource library is clearly visible – front and center – on the company’s home page. White papers and case studies are not hidden in some obscure location on the UPS website. I also like the way the company introduces its white paper library to viewers:

Your Challenges, Our Insights
UPS Supply Chain Solutions white papers provide insight into the guiding principles we use to create innovative solutions and strategies that synchronize multiple business processes. Find out how we can apply these principles to your business.

So what are the lessons here that you can learn from UPS Supply Chain Solutions?

  1. Don’t make it hard for your website viewer to find your awesome content, such as white papers and case studies.
  2. Be especially proud of the content that you produce and offer because you’re helping your prospects and customers become better at what they do.

How are you making it easier for your communities to gain access to your content without having to jump over multiple hurdles?