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BUSH’S Best (Baked Beans, That Is) . . . The Merits Of Being The Best At What You Do

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By the middle of May, the Memorial Day holiday is not too far behind.  And that means the unofficial beginning of summer.

And when people think of summer, they always think of picnics and barbecues.  And what’s a barbecue without an ample supply of delicious baked beans?  My all-time favorite?  BUSH’S®GRILLIN’ BEANS®, of course!

You simply can’t go wrong with the BUSH’S brand, referred to fondly as “America’s best loved beans.”  How can anyone resist the company’s adorable, talking—and always mischievous—golden retriever mascot “Duke”, who seems determined to reveal the BUSH’S Secret Family Recipe.  Seeing just one of BUSH’S highly creative and entertaining TV commercials makes you want to “roll that beautiful bean footage” over and over.

BUSH’S Baked Beans certainly has one thing going for it.  While the company markets a variety of baked bean flavors and recipes, they’re laser-focused on doing one thing right and one thing only . . . selling delicious baked beans.

Separate yourself from the crowd

There’s a lot that can be said about doing something better than anyone else so well, that you can’t help but separate yourself from the crowd.  BUSH’S Baked Beans is a master at that for sure.  And the company’s history is intriguing.

Now more than 100 years old (and founded in Chestnut Hill, Tenn. in 1908 by A.J. Bush, current Brand Ambassador Jay Bush’s great-grandfather), BUSH’s Baked Beans has definitely evolved over time to become the best.  What started out as a tomato cannery, the company didn’t just settle on the status quo.

From its humble beginnings, BUSH’S Baked Beans continued on to survive the Great Depression and moved into supplying canned beans to troops during World War II.  In 1969, family member Condon Bush working together with a few fellow employees at the company’s Augusta, Wisc. facility to develop BUSH’S Baked Beans based on what is now famously known as the Secret Family Recipe.

From a regional cannery to national brand

In the 1990s, Bush Brothers & Company transformed itself from a regional cannery to a national brand presence. Jay Bush starred in the company’s first national TV ad in 1994. A year later he was joined by “Duke” as the ever-recognizable co-face of BUSH’S Baked Beans.

High quality and a heavy dose of enthusiasm.  Those are the hallmarks of the American success story known as BUSH’S Baked Beans.

The BUSH’S Baked Beans brand is a perfect example that it doesn’t take rocket science to become a successful company, just a dogged (no pun intended!) commitment to your product and a little creative marketing sense to go along with it (and a few more of those GRILLIN’ BEANS wouldn’t hurt as well!)